Frequently Asked question about Ghostly Gravestones

1. How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Most orders will arrive within two weeks of order date. If there is a backlog of orders closer to Halloween, it may take a few days longer.

2. How durable are the gravestones?
Ghostly Gravestones are probably the most durable outdoor Halloween props in the haunted industry. Made with solid pine wood and painted with a coat of exterior latex primer and a coat of exterior latex house paint, our gravestone props should easily last ten years or more of seasonal outdoor use. The weathered finish on the tombstone props however, may scratch when bumped or dropped .Care should be taken when moving or storing.

3. Do the gravestone props stand up on their own?
Yes. The larger tombstones need no additional support. When they arrive and are taken out of the shipping boxes, they are ready to be placed in your haunted cemetery.

The smaller tombstones however, have no base so additional support is needed. Two small metal brackets included with each order can be easily attached to the lower back of each tombstone with wood screws. Two metal stakes (also included) hold the tombstone firmly to the ground. The process takes about five minutes for each tombstone.

4. Is there a cutoff date for ordering?
Yes. The last day we will accept orders for our 2012 season is October 15th unless otherwise posted on this website.

5. I’ve had a problem with theft with some of my outdoor Halloween decorations in the past. Is there a way to secure these gravestones?
Yes. You’ve paid good money for your decorations and you want to keep them for years. An eye bolt screwed into the back of the wooden base with a small cable running through it and around a tree or shrub and locked with a small padlock will keep anyone from running off with your gravestone props. The eye bolts, cable, and padlocks are relatively inexpensive and can be found at any Home Depot Store.

6. What if I am not happy with my gravestone props?

If you are not completely satisfied with you order, please return it to Ghostly Gravestones within thirty days along with your name, return address and phone number and receive a full refund check in the mail. You only have to pay for shipping.
For more information, see our refund policies.